C# Free Code - Download Prism 4.1 on.Net for Metro Style App

Prism Frameworkにおいて、DefaultDispatcherは、Dispatcherを囲み、Normal優先度を使用します。これは、ほぼすべてのアプリケーションシナリオのパンとバターでなければなりません。 Prism. Prism 6 in the works - breaking changes are guaranteed! Breaking Changes. Moved MVVM, PubSubEvents, and Logging in core PCL; Removed Microsoft.Practices from all namespaces; ViewModeLocator naming convention changes: [Name]View now requires [Name]ViewModel. No longer [Name]ViewViewModel; Remove - CompositionPresentationEvent (marked Download Prism 4.1 on.Net for Metro Style App Description. A conversion of Prism 4.1 to work with .Net for Metro Style Apps. Its a pragmatic conversion and keeps most of the existing functionality that you get in Prism 4.1 apart from features that don?t naturally work within Metro (such as reflectively loading modules). In the Prism Framework the DefaultDispatcher which wraps Dispatcher uses a Normal priority. This should be the bread-and-butter for nearly all application scenarios. /// <summary> /// Wraps the Application Dispatcher. /// </summary> public class DefaultDispatcher : IDispatcherFacade { /// <summary> /// Forwards the BeginInvoke to the current application's <see cref="Dispatcher"/>. Prism的Event Aggregator 模式:Event Aggregator允许多对象定位和发布、订阅事件。 我们从Prism源代码中的EventAggregator和CompositePresentationEvent可以学习它是如何管理和传递事件消息的。 1 public interface IEventAggregator 2 { 3 TEventType GetEvent<TEventType>() where TEventType : EventBase, new (); 4} 5 6 public class EventAggregator Event Aggregator 模式定义:渠道事件从多个对象通过一个单一的对象来简化clients的注册。结构图:Prism的Event Aggregator 模式:Event Aggregator允许多对象定位和发布、订阅事件。我们从Prism源代码中的EventAggregator和CompositePresentationEvent可以学习它是如何管理和传递事件消息的。 Download .NET Dev Tools Dashboard Description.NET Dev Tools Dashboard is a WPF application that implements the Prism 4 standards.Modules can be added at runtime and after install of the base Dashboard shell.The first module is a WPF Gui for NAnt based on Colin Svingen's Gui for NAnt open source app for Windows Forms. For my purposes I narrowed my choice down to three frameworks namely Prism, MeffedMVVM by Marlon Grech and Cinch by Sacha Barber. I was only guided by the principle that using one source is plagiarism but more than one is research work. That suits me because I am just going to pinch some useful features for my real-time framework. Prism Prism 6 in the works - breaking changes are guaranteed! - RatioArchive/Prism PRISM use IDispatcherFacade, and I have extended their class CompositePresentationEvent<T> and have add an overload to Subscribe : SubscriptionToken Subscribe(Action<T>, IDispatcherFacade, bool, Predicate<T>) So it is easy to test (the Wpf adapter is straightforward to code) – Nicolas Dorier Jan 28 '09 at 7:55

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